Newsweek: Far-right extremists are using GameStop chaos to radicalize and recruit new members online

As Twitchy reported, once the GameStop story took off, a reporter for Mother Jones decided to check out the messaging…

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When gyms could reopen after lockdown

Boris Johnson confirmed a third national lockdown on Jan 4, with the country going into tougher measures as Covid cases once…

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Can you have sex in lockdown? The government rules if you live apart

On Jan 4, the Prime Minister plunged Britain into a third national lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of…

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I Only Had One Haircut in 2020, But This Product Is Keeping My Hair Healthy

From trimming my own fringe to learning to embrace my ever-increasing grey hairs, 2020 was a real journey of self-discovery when it came…

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I’m A Beauty Expert, And These 6 Skincare Myths Need to Be Debunked ASAP

A main part of my job as a beauty journalist is to speak to a wide variety of skin experts…

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From Vampire’s Wife to Burberry: These Are the Best Designer Face Masks

Very much like 2020 (groundhog day, anyone?), thsi year all outfits have one thing in common, a face mask, as…

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How to Make Your Home Look So Expensive On a Budget

We approach interiors the same way we do fashion and beauty; with significant consideration and with the goal of helping…

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